Into My Heart -- Available soon on Amazon.

‘The author takes twelve ‘classical’ love poems and relates them to our present day life. 
You may or may not agree with what he says but you would agree that this is a magnificent way to touch upon the topic of love. 
This is skillful writing which is simple with a touch of the classical.’


“What do we need? A place and time where what twitters is the bird, and we interpret it in a million words.”

“Those sighs make songs, they make poetry. And nothing is truer than that which comes from the fountain of soul.”

“And without poetry how will we consider the feelings of those luscious women who make daily efforts on their face and hair? Is it not a compliment to a woman’s efforts to tell her poetically that she has ‘Traced every lock with fond delays, And, doting, lingered there’?”

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