Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An introduction to sacred music

Sacred music is an important aspect of classical music. Have a look at this exquisitely shot video of composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's, Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen).

See how the camera moves over the instruments, how the singer raises her pitch without being too loud, the hands moving over the violins, the lute at the 2:45 mark, the magnificent church setting, the composure on the players' faces -- indeed there is much to absorb from this short video alone.

Pergolesi died at the age of twenty six. He left with us his sacred (religious) music as well as secular music.

There is no need to 'understand' the words, the video alone is a teacher. At the least, it is beautiful to look at. When you surround your self with good art, you learn from your third eye.
As such, life is not to understand. I mean, can you understand why Pergolesi was afflicted with disease his whole life? He lost his two brothers and a sister at very young age. We are not sure of his life history, we are not sure about the works he has composed. Some of his works were attributed to other composers, while some other works were mistaken to be Pergolesi's creations.

Perhaps we can only enjoy. That's the best diversion, or the actual simple way to live life. And I feel we actually enjoy when we are at one with the soul of people/music we love.

Pergolesi reminds us that we should aim to do our best work everyday. We are lucky to live beyond twenty and six. 

I think this is the best way to introduce our self to sacred music, and to life's sacredness.

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