Saturday, February 20, 2016

Classical inspires the soul

The special thing about this piece is that there's no chord progression: there's only one chord. Like the touch of a cold winter gale gently rocking wind chimes in the still of winter, this piece displays a sense of eternity and timelessness as it expounds upon the profound depths of a single moment, frozen in time, yet lasting forever. - James Becker 
I was up ridiculously early this morning and I stood at my sliding glass doors with them open. The sun was just coming up and everyone was still asleep and this came on shuffle and it blew my mind. I watched birds fly over the orange and blue sky with total silence around my other than this song. One of the most beautiful moments in my life. - Chiara Keating
These inspired lines by James and Chiara are for the video below
, whose composer Arvo Part is doing great service through music.

Music inspires humans to listen to their soul. Humans then invent poetry, bridges, music and life. Classical music connects to the soul. It is eternal.

About this piece - It's in the Tintinnabuli style - the crux of what it implies has been covered already in the comments above. If you can feel it, if you can imagine it - then you already know about it. 

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