Friday, March 18, 2016

Sudden embrace

Those old-time composers, without their smartphones, computers, cars wrote glorrrious music. They had dance and melody, and were we not so numbed by modern day repetitive sounds, we would find them fun and energetic.

They lovingly attacked you with emotion. Imagine meeting a man/woman who is very happy to see you and embraces you with joy immediately, or sometimes tells you a story of his/her heart straightaway, without the formality of modern day life.

Why shouldn't we speak from our soul?

In under five minutes, Johann Georg Pisendel contrasts two emotions. He doesn't build up, he just conveys them to you plain.

And classical music repertoire is full of such straightforwardness. Say, four to five instruments, and they all get together to speak to you. No time wasting. Beautiful words (music) in a jiffy. They believed in sweeping you off the floor.

And here's Pisendel again, this time with the violin, straightaway - from the start - conveying the tale of his heart. In two minutes, flat, you will have known more about him, his soul, than perhaps you will know about your friends and lovers after months and years.

Meet a man that speaks from his soul. And listen to music that comes from the soul.

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