Friday, May 27, 2016

Music for the world

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You are invited to the world music parliament and must take with you a piece of music, under five minutes. A piece that presents the awesomeness of the genre. For classical, what would you play to the audience?

Sure, there are innumerable pieces you can choose from. One of them I would take with me is the second movement of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's 'Flute concerto in G Major'.

I would listen to this melody soar in the parliament and attract listeners and lovers.
How brilliant and how modern, and what else is modernity if not brilliance? How does it matter if the rice is cooked on coal flames or on an electric heater as long as it tastes good, and is made with love?

The melody, this love-gift of Pergolesi is
greater or at par with all of the stuff that passes for music

Penny Whistle by Beverly Lee
Pergolesi lived between 1710 and 1736, without the apparent comforts of modern technology. But love for art is independent of such constraints. Listen to the uplifting first movement and the poem-like second movement, and make out the marvellous melody of the flute, at times alone, at times in conjunction with the orchestra.

The art of making melody is a matter of love. In under two minutes, the trajectory of the flute will take you places. Like a child following the flittering butterfly, follow the tune. I guarantee you that you will come to live in the moment, and forget for the time-being, your anxieties.

And that's why this music will work wonders in the world music parliament. The world needs less anxiety and more soul.

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