Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Miraculous Zelenka

The music in this post is about three hundred years old.
It is played and admired even today.

The music is haunting- fast, catchy, powerful.
Even though it's a 'miserere'; Miserere is a prayer for mercy.

Recall that you hear the 'bass type' sounds in metal and rock music.
Those sounds are not inventions. They have existed, always, in classical music. Here's a YouTube review about the 'metal-classical' music in this post.

"This is almost like Baroque Heavy Metal, with those chugging Basso Continuo, and virtually the Violas are ripping 16ths throughout the whole piece."

Baroque - a music style starting around the 1600s
Basso Continue - continued bass. Realise the deep sounds you hear throughout.

The composer is Jan Dismas Zelenka. Classical fans will tell you about a man called J S Bach as one of the best ever.
Bach loved Zelenka.

Zelenka came back into prominence in the 19th century. Now he has his fan club at .

Writer and associate editor of The Spectator, Damian Thompson, wonders why nobody has heard of this miraculous Czech composer.

Zelenka will survive the onslaught of modern day sounds that pass off for music.
Classical music will survive the modern day restless culture.

Which is why it serves your soul and spirit to be part of something that's alive forever.
Welcome to Tarakari.

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