Friday, July 24, 2015

What is this 'cello'?

Cello is when you are deep and thoughtful despite people around you laughing.

Cello is when you are hopeful and courageous despite people around you sulking.

Other than that, cello is an instrument. It's bigger than the violin and the viola and heavier. In other posts we will talk about differences among the three.

So how does the cello fit in with the other string fellows (violin and viola)? That's what we are going to see today. This video is perfect for it.

It's a cello concerto which means the cello takes centre stage while other instruments sing around it.

This video will show you the relation between the cello and the violins and you can hear sound differences between the two. You can listen until you get a fair amount of idea.

(Composer - the romantic Edward Elgar)

That's all for cello today. We'll know more about it in other posts.

And here's Woody Allen proving to us that the cello cannot be part of a marching band.

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