Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A chilly winter violin

The violinist in this recording is Federico Agostini, whose work can add warmth to your bones in this chilly winter. He is also the hero of this video, along with the composer Antonio Vivaldi. You must watch this video. Its mood matches the music. What a great way to hone your senses to classical music!

The music changes at the 2:48 mark -- and the mood of the video, the images, corresponds to this shift. And then again at 4:58.

Music evokes images. You can imagine scenarios as you listen to the music. The more you can imagine, the more you will like classical music, or any art, or life. This terrific video will aid you in this quest.

You can also not imagine
any image and simply follow the tune, the instruments, the violin -- that would be akin to a session of meditation.

This, my friends, is the purpose of art -- if there is any. It adds value. It is more than entertainment.

The masks in the video remind me of what I know about the 12th century carnival masks. And the violinist, Federico, reminds me of a hero, an actor in a motion picture. You must know some art-form to be in cinema. Writers, violinists, scientists can make great actors. They carry with them discipline and love for the work. They make work fun.

The video will teach you, in a definitive sense, the place of the violin in the orchestra. See Federico play it and listen to the sounds in the background. Then watch the lovely/horrific masks and then back to the solo violin. This synergy between the instruments and the violin should embed in your mind the relationship between an instrument and the orchestra.

I leave you with this amazing quote from the comments section of the video.
When young we are presented classical music in a manner that gives it a reputation as being blase and boring. But as time goes on we see it presented in its true overall art-form, which leads us to realize that the true nature of orchestral music is more often powerfully dark and haunting - Library Pervert

Happy new year. May your soul be classical.  

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