Thursday, January 7, 2016

Soothing classical music

There is something soothing about 'uniform' classical music -- music that is mostly consistent throughout its running length. It stays peaceful, or sad or mellow. It is not mellow one instant and joyous the another. Which is why it is consistent music. You may be fans of lounge music, much of which sticks to a theme and relaxes you; it is consistent. Likewise in classical music, there is a repertoire that doesn't jump at you. You are assured that the soothing/mellow/sad or joyous quality will persist throughout the running time.

Early on, you are informed by the composer
about the mood of the piece. You can then adapt yourself to it and find the mood prevalent throughout.

Here's Gerald Finzi's orchestral music. It will give you an idea about what I have told you. You can easily add this piece to your playlist for times you are looking for consistent, lounge-like music.

Several Finzi videos are being turned 'private' on YouTube, preventing anyone from accessing them.

Such music is also good introduction for your friends who are thwarted by the apparent difficulty of classical music. In time they can begin to appreciate the role the various instruments play in bringing out the consistent soothing quality.
And the subtle variations despite this consistency.

Here is an article about Gerald Finzi I recommend. It speaks about life and music:

"the time taken to get to know a piece of music or a poem or a picture can not only add depth to one's appreciation but that this time taken is itself precious and the journey is as important as the destination." - Mark Padmore, The Guardian

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