Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A note of suggestion

Composer Erik Satie's music inspired the modern day ambient music - that is music characterised by mood and atmosphere; it is music that is consistent and doesn't jump at you. You can listen to it straightaway even as you read this story. However, I'd like you to pay attention to what wikipedia calls mild dissonances in the music. This means that even though the music is consistent, and sets an ambience, some of the swaras (notes) very subtly
move away from the theme and give it an additional character. They make it melancholy, even sad, or reflective, and even hopeful for some. As such, they make the music more than just 'ambient', or background music played in hotel lobbies.

The music in the post is easy to listen to, and you can try to point out the one swara that moves the music in a different direction. It is like life. One incident, or a small thing someone says leads us to think and feel different. Like a lover you are used to seeing happy but a sentence he said or the way he ate his meal in silence gave you a hint of something else about him, took you in another direction.

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